Mary Anne Gale’s direct and actionable approach to navigating corporate politics was some of the best advice I have ever been given. Using her approach to relationship building and seeking out career advocates has helped me advance in my career at a faster pace than my peers.


– Justin McDowell
  Enterprise Architect – Sun Chemical Corporation

Getting Ahead in Your Career – Going Beyond Hard Work

As former Vice President of Global Supply Chain Operations at Procter and Gamble(P & G), Mary Anne Gale knows what it takes to succeed in the workplace. Mary Anne knows that while good work is vitally important to getting ahead, it is not the only factor. The work force is much more of a democracy than a “merit-ocracy”. Therefore, to succeed each of us must think of ourselves as running for office when we think of positioning ourselves for a new career. To “get elected” for the career you want, Mary Anne recommends the following steps:

Build strong business and personal relationships – “Get the votes”

  • Study the issues and know how you want to handle them
  • Find out how those around you respond and think, and learn to work with it
  • Find out what others want out of a colleague
Campaign to those who can help you move forward
  • Let them know who you are and what you want
  • Show them what you are capable of
  • Learn from those who can teach you the most
Make a footprint in the business
  • Employees need to have a work-life balance, so focus on what is important to you

Create a career map

  • Map out your path, act on it, and follow up when necessary

Mary Anne also notes: Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want, it just might happen!

Learn more about this important life coaching philosophy and method in Mary Anne’s newest book, “Running for Office, Getting Yourself Elected to the Career You Really Want”, available in hard cover or online versions through this website.

Mary Anne is also available as a career coach and speaker. You can initiate communication with her online to talk about a speaking engagement.

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