Mary Anne Gale’s direct and actionable approach to navigating corporate politics was some of the best advice I have ever been given. Using her approach to relationship building and seeking out career advocates has helped me advance in my career at a faster pace than my peers.


– Justin McDowell
  Enterprise Architect – Sun Chemical Corporation

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New Website Design

Posted By: Mary Anne Gale

I hope you like the face of my Web site. I decided to give it a facelift and share my other services along with my book. John Peretz is my project manager and he has done a fabulous job creating something that is technically up-to-date and showcases content in a modern Web site design.

I haven’t been much of a blogger but I have decided that it is important to get my message out and also learn from others.

I will be writing once each week and look forward to getting your feedback and ideas you would like me to discuss. Writing the book was the beginning of my new journey, but I love speaking, coaching, and presenting workshops. These have opened up new opportunities for me and my exciting second career. A friend recently told me, “You are not retiring but, rather, are graduating to a new passion.” It is true and being your own boss isn’t so bad either!