Mary Anne Gale’s direct and actionable approach to navigating corporate politics was some of the best advice I have ever been given. Using her approach to relationship building and seeking out career advocates has helped me advance in my career at a faster pace than my peers.


– Justin McDowell
  Enterprise Architect – Sun Chemical Corporation

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Building Support in Your Career Path

Posted By: Mary Anne Gale

Support, how do we get by without it?  We each need to have a support system that helps us get through life.  When you are working to build your career support becomes an even more important ingredient to your success.  Everyone should have a list of people that support you.  The roles range from caring critic, coach, sponsor, mentor to babysitter, finance advisor, housekeeper, etc.  There also needs to be an emergency list.  For many of us who don’t live near family, finding those emergency helpers is so important to our sanity and well-being.

A simple exercise is to list the roles that you need to have support and begin listing people who you would use for the different types of support you need.  Check to make sure that you have several people in each support role.  Once you have completed the list, begin to develop strategies to fill in the gaps.  For example, if you are short on emergency baby sitters begin to ask at work, church, around the neighborhood for babysitters, work at home moms, grandmothers or older people willing to help out on short notice.

At work you need to make sure that you are building the relationships with the key people who can help you reach your career objectives.